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I tried everything for better sex, and now I sell velvet beans, because it's the only herbal that works.

By Jan Smith

If you look for human studies with L-dopa, they are numerous. And there are numerous studies that attest to the fact that supplying the brain with L-dopa results in more libido. You can read studies on or

I think that velvet beans (mucuna pruriens) are simply the healthiest food on earth, and I believe that most people should use velvet beans from about age 35, even if their sexual desires are still good. Because velvet beans in low dosages (less than I recommend for libido) are great brain protection. A real smart drug. And much healthier than coffee which people also drink because they think it's good for their brains.

The dosages of velvet beans extract that you would use for brain protection and as smart drug are fairly low. You have that effect with two or three capsules twice a day.

If you want to use velvet beans for libido, you will probably need more, Maybe ten capsules twice a day. And that's already a quantity that feels a bit funny for capsules. That is why I also send velvet beans extract in pouches.

You would have a hard time indeed trying to overdose on velvet beans. People who use it for Parkinson's disease go above 30 grams twice a day.

The velvet beans that we sell are the Thai wild variety grown by AAZA Farms in Thailand. You should not underestimate this bit of information. Because the Indian cultivars are grown as an animals feed. And animals consume Indian velvet beans at quantities measured in kilos, not in grams. Why is that? Because Indian velvet beans are practically void of any L-dopa. Less than half a percent anyway. You cannot treat libido problems with Indian velvet beans.